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How to Choose the Best Broadband Internet Access Option  

Not so many years ago, accessing the Internet was a 'one size fits all' technology. When you wanted to surf the web, send and receive emails, post files to a web site, or just play around on AOL, you accessed it all through your telephone line using a modem and a standard dial-up account. Most of us didn't mind because we realized that the slow speeds we endured were shared by everyone else.

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Office Workstation office furniture standard

Office Workstations; They have become the office furniture standard in the last 40 years. Over time it has evolved, improved and become indispensable to companies around the world. Maispace offers businesses the ability to comfortably accommodate their entire work staff by creating office furniture with beautiful, functional furniture that doesn't break their budget. MAiSPACE simply offers the best value office workstation available.

It was in 1968, that the first iteration of the movable office workstation was introduced. It was designed by Robert Probst, who is often dubbed the "father of the office workstation". His idea spawned a workplace revolution that not only changed the way offices looked but the way people worked.

The idea was to have its office workstation components -- the partitions and the desks and shelves attached to them -- completely mobile, so that office modular furniture could be remade overnight rather than over months. And because of the proximity of shelves to desks, paperwork and other materials were easily accessible, not filed away in cabinets or on remote bookshelves. Maispace has taken those original office workstation concepts and created a beautiful, stackable office furniture system. Maispace designs are far removed from Scott Adam's "Dilbert" looking monolithic office workstation. Office workstations or cubicles, by their very name, evoke images of a maze of regimented boxes and sterile, uniform impersonal workspace.

Maispace allows companies to create a visually appealing footprint while target the needs of their employees, making them productive and comfortable. MAiSPACE Since Maispace's primary, almost solitary, focus is on the production of high quality, low cost workstations, we are constantly making improvements to the look, design and performance of our products. Thinking outside the "office workstation" box, Maispace's design incorporates flexibility and function to allow workspaces to look attractive while being completely efficient. The ability to stack and de-stack panel segments provides staggered wall heights and enhances the office workstation layout. With over 15 tile options, including three types of glass, on 3 1/2 " thick panels, Maispace promotes visibility and privacy, simultaneously.

You can get the architectural feel of a substantial office workstation, without feeling "boxed in." Office workstations serve an important purpose. They allow companies to make more efficient use of vertical space and thereby lets them use less square footage which can be very expensive in most commercial real estate markets.

By putting books, manuals, files and personal effects above the work surface, businesses are able to save valuable floor space and put more people in a smaller area. However, over zealous facility managers and corporate executives began putting smaller office workstations into thoughtlessly designed block plans in an effort to maximize worker density and save money. Maispace understands the thought process behind companies desire to save money by buying space saving office workstations. But Maispace also saves companies money by providing quality, low cost furniture with options that make the office workstation attractive and the worker productive while increasing floor space efficiency. Special features like off-modular capabilities, stacking and de-stacking panels and lay-in cabling, give designers and facilities managers the tools they need to make the office workstation functional, beautiful and cost effective without being cubicle-like.

However, the austere quality for which cubicle-filled offices were criticized was entirely intentional. Originally the office cubicle was stripped down to encourage employees to decorate and leave their own imprint on their workstation creating an individual identity. The idea was that if someone is happy and "at home" in their office cubicle, they would be more productive. Today, Maispace has taken the intent of the office cubicle to the next level. The product is artfully designed and offers literally thousands of fabric and finish option combinations to make the feel of the office cubicle "homey". Features that such as tackable acoustic tiles, work tool rails, white boards and non-handed components with off-modular capabilities, allow workers to be both productive and express their individual identities.

Office cubicles become a warm and cozy, comfortable workspace. Another important advantage of the office workstation over conventional furniture was the ability to make the workstation ergonomically correct. The Maispace system is flexible and adjustable to meet individual preferences.

The user creates a comfortable environment by determining the optimal placement of panel-hung components, adjustable at 1 inch increments; having flexible non-handed orientation for the workstation; and curvilinear work surfaces with cascade edges. Keyboard trays and tool rail tiles allow for easy access to work tool. Incorporating the effectiveness and well-being aspects of ergonomics into office workstation purchases can produce cost benefits in terms of significant reduction of workman's compensation, insurance expenditures and absenteeism.

For those who know that office workstation really is the right solution for their building, their corporate culture and the space, they can be assured that by using Maispace their financial goals can be met beautifully. You no longer have to choose between function, frugality and fabulous. Our in-house design service can show you how. In order to more fully develop actual product specifications and costs, Maispace will provide a professional in-house design team to produce the best and most cost effective layout, not only to satisfy your current staffing demands, but also to help you plan ahead. Our designers understand your facility issues and employ the most appropriate office workstation product applications. They can offer suggestions for our fabrics and finishes that will make your office beautiful and functional.

The office workstation is here to stay. But you can bring style, design and function to your corporate workspace with the quality of Maispace's beautifully designed, budget friendly products.

MAiSPACE.com will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Office Workstation and Boardroom Furniture for their offices and selecting the right office cubicles.

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