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How to Choose the Best Broadband Internet Access Option  

Not so many years ago, accessing the Internet was a 'one size fits all' technology. When you wanted to surf the web, send and receive emails, post files to a web site, or just play around on AOL, you accessed it all through your telephone line using a modem and a standard dial-up account. Most of us didn't mind because we realized that the slow speeds we endured were shared by everyone else.

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What Is High Speed Internet Service?  

The days of slow internet connections are gradually coming to an end. Internet users are increasingly finding sources for "high speed" internet access which makes loading pages and performing downloads much faster.

T1 Internet Service

by Troy Sapp

In short T1 is a dedicated phone connection that supports data rates of 1.544M per second. T1 consists of 24 different channels, each supporting 54K per second. Each different T1 channel can be configured to carry voice or data traffic. Depending on your area and your phone company, they will allow you to buy some of the different channels - known as fractional T1 access. T1 service is a popular leased line for businesses that connect to the Internet for Internet service that then connects to the Internet backbone. T1 internet connections consist of the local loop charge (the phone circuit that connects your location to the Internet point of presence (POP) and the actual Internet bandwidth access port charge.

Now that we explained the technical aspect to T1 service, now we can take a deeper look at T1 service and how it can help your business. The Internet has revolution the way we do business and how we do business. Whether you are a large corporate entity or work for yourself from home, the Internet has become a dedicated source for exchanging information all over the world, day or night, any day of the week. With most businesses depending on the Internet as their sole source of communication that allows them to do business worldwide they are in need of reliable, faster speeds in which they access the internet.

Most people are not aware that T1 service exists and what it can mean for you and your business. While DSL and Cable connections are definitely faster than dial up they still aren't efficient enough to depend on when doing business. When depending on the Internet to do business, not have a connection for a day or even an hour can cost you money and possibly enough clients.

T1 service is a viable, cost effective business solution for reliable, constant internet access. A few major features of T1 Internet access are: 1.Reliable, dedicated high-speed Internet Access - at all times 2.More bandwidth for running advanced Internet Applications on your own network. 3.Able to connect the company mail server to the internet for your entire business.

T1 Internet service is growing in popularity and meeting the requirements needed by both large and small businesses all over the world. T1 Internet service is a definite must for your large or small business that will allow your business to have dedicated, reliable internet access at all times. For more information visit T1 Know How and find out how you can get T1 access today!

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